Duel Mass Flywheel Replacement

A Duel Mass Flywheel acts in the same way as a traditional, single flywheel – they provide direct contact between the engine and the clutch assembly in manual transmissions. Where Duel mass flywheels differ from single flywheels is more than the fact that there are two flywheels as opposed to one – it’s what happens between the two flywheels that makes all the difference.

Duel Mass Flywheels use a series of springs between the flywheels and these springs act as vibration dampeners. Where vibration and noise in transmissions using a single flywheel has nowhere to go except directly into the powertrain system, a Duel Mass Flywheel spring system dampens the engine vibration, resulting in less noise, increased comfort for the driver, and increased life of the transmission.

Tell tail signs that a Duel Mass Flywheel is giving trouble are a vibration when turning the vehicle off a vibration when the clutch is depressed or a judder when releasing the clutch.

When replacing your Duel Mass Flywheel, we always use Oem top quality four-piece kits which includes the Duel Mass Flywheel a clutch pressure plate a friction disk and a clutch release bearing or a hydraulic slave cylinder depending on the make and model of your car.