Clutch Replacement

Over time the friction material on your clutch will wear out and when that happens the clutch will start to slip. It should be quite telling when your car’s clutch is slipping when it shouldn’t be. With the clutch pedal fully out (i.e. not pressed at all), there should be no slip at all. Slip can be identified by an unexpected increase in engine rpm without any accompanying acceleration when your car is in gear, the clutch pedal is not pressed and you push the accelerator pedal. It will also be obvious when you attempt to accelerate up a steep hill. Though the degradation of a clutch takes place over time, – stop-start traffic can take its toll on clutches faster than, say, lots of motorway driving), if it is slipping in this manner then it really is time to have it replaced. There are other symptoms to watch out for a higher ‘bite point’ on the clutch pedal than before.

We provide a fast fit clutch service using OEM top quality clutch replacement.